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Management of the National Academy of Sciences
intellectual property

The National Academy of Science of Ukraine unites more than 150 research institutions, 70 design and experimental plants, buries, computer centers. Annually in the institutes of the Academy are created more then 600 inventions and utility models.

The Centre is empowered by the National Academy of Sciences:

- To work out guidance for management of intellectual property and technology transfer which transfer for consideration and adoption to Presidium of the Academy.

- To coordinate the management of the intellectual property departments which operate in 90 of Academy's natural scientists and technical institutes.

Work of the intellectual property departments of the institutes is aimed at:

- Identification of  objects of intellectual property, created as a result of scientific and technological activities of institutions; conducting of patent researches, researches on patent infringements, preparation of applications for protection for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, plant varieties , the layout of integrated circuits and protection of trade secrets, computer programs, databases, created in these institutions;

- Conducting and organization of marketing, patent-market  researches;

- Implementation of measures to use research results, objects of  intellectual property rights of high technology products of institutions and support licensing of institutions, technology transfer.

With the participation of the Centre there have been developed and came into force:

- Provisions on the activities of departments of intellectual property of the institutions of NAS of Ukraine

- Provisions on the protection of intellectual property rights in the NAS of Ukraine

- Model contracts among inventors, authors and institutions, and so on.

Lawyers and patent attorneys of the  Center provide  with consultations stuff  of the institutions in the sphere of protection of intellectual property and technology transfer, are involved in negotiations with foreign and Ukrainian companies to create start-ups, in process of preparation and conclusion of agreements on technology transfer, they are preparing explanations on the application of regulations and instruction sheets.

The Center is certified by the State Property Fund of Ukraine as the organization, that  is empowered to conduct evaluation of intellectual property rights.

Center has extensive experience in granting patent, legal services, services of evaluation of  intellectual property rights for the foreign and Ukrainian companies, of participation in negotiations and drafting licensing and investment agreements, agreements on technology transfer between Ukrainian companies and firms in the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, China, South Korea and so on.

Centre of Intellectual Property studies and Technology Transfer  2012,
Centre of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, 54 Volodymyrska Str.,Kyiv 01601, Ukraine, Tel: +38(044)239-67-64