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Work for the Parliament and Government Bodies

The Centre collaborates with:

Parliament Committee for Science and Education of Ukraine

Ministry of Justice

State Agency for Science, Innovation and Normalisation

State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine and other state bodies, providing advisory support and working out of draft laws and regulations.

With the Centre specialists' participation a number of Laws of Ukraine and sub laws, state body decisions had been worked out, including:


Civil Code, part "Intellectual Property",

Law "On state regulation of the activity in the sphere of technology transfer",

Law "On Science and Technical activity",

Law "On Innovation Activity",

Draft Law "On collective management of copyright",

Draft Law "On scientific discoveries" etc.

Parliament's decisions

Resolution of Parliament of Ukraine on Parliaments hearings "Protection of intellectual property  in Ukraine: issues of legal provision and law enforcement", 21 March 2007,

Resolutions of Parliament Committee for Science and Education of Ukraine:

"On current situation concerning state regulation and management in the sphere of development, legal protection and enforcement of intellectual property and innovation activity in Ukraine", 16 April 2008,

"Effectiveness of application of Ukraine's legislation on copyright and related rights", 08June 2009.

Approximation of Ukraine IPR legislation to international and EU legislation

The Centre is a leading Ukrainian academic institution that provides evaluation and research on correspondence of Ukrainian IPR legislation to EU legislation under the request of government bodies.

In 2003-2004 under Centre's co-ordination the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine project: "Intellectual Property Law of the European Union and the Approximation of Ukrainian Intellectual Property legislation to EU standards" was realised.

The aim of the project was to make a background comparative research of the legislation of Ukraine in the field of intellectual property to that of the EU according to the Law "On Ukrainian program on approximation of the legislation of Ukraine to the legislation of the European Union".

Main tasks included:

organisation of a complex legal comparative analysis on conformity of Ukrainian law with the EU law in the sphere of IPR, including IPR enforcement,

preparation of a Scoreboard, which included approximation objectives in the IPR sphere; the EU legal provisions subject to implementation; list of the specific measures on implementation of relevant EU legal provisions,

organisation of official translation of EU legal acts.

Based on that work the drafts of new laws were drafted and passed to the Cabinet of Ministries and Parliament.